Money Talks, Chocolates Sing! Perfect Women’s Gift

Want to give the perfect women’s gift? You can’t go wrong with chocolates and money!


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I love this saying – Money Talks, Chocolate Sings!

Give the special woman in your life what she loves – mouth-watering chocolates and a little extra money.

What you will need for this money gift idea:

  • Box of chocolates
  • Ziploc bag
  • Ribbon or bow
  • Money

Purchase a box of chocolates. They are easy to find for Valentine’s Day but any other time you can’t go wrong with  Godiva Chocolates.   They come in cute boxes too!

valentine-heart-money-box-thoughtful-gift-ideaTake all of the candy out and put it in a Ziploc bag. Tie it with a ribbon or place a bow on it. Fold the cash to fit into the individual candy holders. You can even use coins.

When she opens the box expecting to find chocolates… Voilà! Watch the look of surprise on her face!

Quickly be ready to hand over the Ziploc bag because no amount of money takes the place of chocolates!

A gift that is guaranteed to make her smile! That’s the goal, right?!

There are many brands of delicious chocolates and various sizes of boxes to choose from. Birthdays, just-because, or Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to surprise her with sweets (chocolates) and treats (money)!

Of course women aren’t the only ones who love chocolate, so feel free to use this money gift idea for men and kids!

Money for the Life and Chocolate for the Soul!  – Unknown

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