Treasure Chest Filled With Silver & Gold

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Ahoy, matey! Did you ever wish for your very own treasure chest?

treasure-chest-full-of-coins-thoughtful-gift-ideaAs a kid, I remember the classic Walt Disney’s Treasure Island movie about pirates searching for treasure chests filled with gold. I later took my kids to see Hook staring Robin Williams.

My all time favorite pirate though would be the Pirates of the Caribbean movies with Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp.

I never fell in love with a prince in a Disney movie but I would have become available for Jack Sparrow. Don’t tell my husband!

Kids love fantasizing about treasure chests filled with silver and gold. It’s a fantasy that you can easily make come true!

My husband always empties his pockets of coins at the end of the day into a bucket. My son’s 13th birthday was coming up and, of course, being a teen all he wanted was cash. I think at the time, he was saving for a four-wheeler.

When I saw a treasure chest in a craft store, it gave me an idea. I came home and emptied my husband’s coin bucket into the treasure chest, and it made for a pretty cool looking birthday gift.  The coins amounted to a little over $50.

My birthday boy was very happy about the booty (that’s pirate talk for money) and the treasure chest. It contained the elements of fun, surprise and money rolled into one gift!

My husband’s humorous comment about giving his coins away he said in a pirate’s voice, “Arrgh!”

I highly recommend the treasure chest because it became my son’s “coin chest” when he began emptying his own pockets of coins.

Life is pretty good and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.  – Johnny Depp

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