Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Man Halloween Costume

- - $20 or Less, Catch All


stick-man-glow-stick-halloween-costume-thoughtful-gift-ideaEver wait to the last minute to figure out what costume you’re going to wear to your friend’s Halloween party? How about dressing up for work on Halloween but need to wear something office appropriate? Well, I’m here to save the day!

I give you the Stick Man! An easy-to-create-in-15-minutes Halloween costume!

Being comfortable in a Halloween costume is always #1 in my book and this certainly will be. Here are the items you will need.

  • A black long sleeve shirt and black pants. I wore black sweats.glow-sticks-stick-man-costume-thoughtful-idea
  • Glow sticks from the dollar store. They come with two to four glow sticks in a package and you will need six sticks. I get the 22″ size and the yellow bright color ones. Bright green works well too.
  • 2 inch or wider clear packing tape.

Glow sticks in the daylight.

I wore my black sweats while strategically taping the glow sticks. I taped a strip at the top and the bottom to attach each glow stick. You could also tape it with one long strip from end to end of the glow stick.

Be sure to use enough tape to secure the glow sticks to the material. Use as much clear tape as necessary since it won’t interfere with the costume. Just play around with it and see what works best for you.

The glow sticks come with connectors. Take one glow stick and use the connector to make a circle. Tape to the forehead and chin.

There you have it. A DIY inexpensive glow-in-the-dark stick man and it doesn’t have to be dark for the glow sticks to stand out. Easy peasy!

Oh, if you saw my previous Easy and Clever Halloween Costume post, you know I love “play on words.” Instead of calling myself “Stick Man,” I would say, “I’m well-lit” or “I’m Luminous” or if I were pregnant (thank goodness that ship has sailed), “I’m glowing!”

I always wished I was an artist but the only thing I could draw was a stick man. I’m happy because at least it actually looked like one!


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