How to Make a Money Crown

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Wearable money gifts. It’s a thing!

money-crown-creative-cash-giftThere are Money Leis, Money Chains, and now Money Crowns for the prince, princess, king or queen in your life.

Folding cash into the shape of a crown makes it the coolest way to give money as a gift! Okay, I’m a Princess so maybe I’m biased…

Money Crowns look striking, and it’s something the birthday girl, birthday boy or graduate can wear on their head during their party!


Items you will need:

  • cash (use new bills or iron older bills to make them crisp)
  • tape

This Money Crown uses a modular design so you can increase or decrease the number of units to fit anyone’s head. Two bills taped together makes one unit.

Ten bills will fit a child’s head. I recommend using 12-14 bills for adults.

TIP: I use one dollar bills for the points of the crown because George Washington’s face is centered and framed, and it looks better. I use larger bills for the base of the crown depending on the amount I want to give.

Instructions for making a Money Crown using 10 bills:

  1. Place a dollar bill so that it’s face down.
  2. Fold both the top right and left corners to the center to create a point.
  3. Flip back over so the bill is face up. Tuck the two ends under the front of the bill to create a triangle.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with four more dollar bills for a total of five triangles.
  5. Place another bill face up, and fold in half lengthwise so the crease goes across the nose of the face. Repeat this step four more times for a total of five rectangles.
  6. Center a triangle above a rectangle and tape together. You have now created one unit.Repeat four more times to create a total of five units. Fold back the rectangle on each unit so that they’re behind the triangle.
  7. Now it’s time to attach the units together. Take two units, and slide one rectangle inside another rectangle. Tape the triangles together to where you can’t see the tape. Tape the rectangles together as well.
  8. Continue to attach additional units by repeating Step 7.
  9. When you have attached all five units, connect the two ends with tape to make a crown.

Get your camera ready when you give the Money Crown as a gift!

Have fun treating someone like royalty.

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