Escape Room Experience

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My family and I were trapped in a room… We could only escape by unravelling a series of clues… We had one hour… Or else… Tick. Tick.

For the next 60 minutes, my sisters, nieces, brother, brother-in-law and I bonded by working together to search for clues and decipher them.

What is an Escape Room?

“Escape Room” adventure games offer a unique experiences for families and groups ages 12 to 100.

You pick a themed room with distinct story line, and your team has to complete your mission to “escape” the room in 60 minutes or less.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience working together under that type of pressure.

For us, it was an adrenaline rush filled with lots of laughter. So much laughter.

When a clue was particularly perplexing, someone would yell, “That’s it! We’re gonna die in here!” That always cracked everyone up.

We did it though! We “escaped” with less than a minute to spare, and we felt victorious!

My favorite part of our escape game was solving a puzzle that caused a secret compartment to pop open in the ceiling and drop down a new clue. It was completely unexpected!

My family used an escape room company called Breakout Games that offered seven different adventures. We picked a theme called “Kidnapping” that was geared toward a more mature audience. Here is the description.

The Kidnapping begins with you and your fellow captives waking up handcuffed and blindfolded in a strange room. With nothing but collective brainpower, hidden clues and 60 minutes on your side, you have to free yourselves before the kidnapper returns. A heart-pumping thriller from start to finish, you can expect a rush of non-stop fun.

They also had kid-friendly themes such as “Island Escape” and “Museum Heist.” The themes change throughout the year too.

If you’re looking for a fun and unforgettable adventure for your family, friends, team, or group (sports, work, church, etc.), you have to try an escape room.

You’ll be talking and joking about your experience for years!

Escape the ordinary.

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